About me

Hey there! My name is Kendra and I’m a listless young professional just trying to make it out here in this wide, wide world. I like trying new foods, failing new activities, and disappointing new friends.

A year ago, I was feeling down on a less than good day, listening to my all time favorite podcast Planet Money, when an episode came on about made-up holidays. In an epic quest to find the inventor of National Splurge Day, our heroic reporter ends up at the house of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. Koopersmith is the super smith behind over 1900 invented holidays, or as she calls them, holi-dates. As Koopersmith talked about her holi-dates, I slowly became enraptured.

Koopersmith started thinking about events when someone she loved lost his life to alcoholism. She thought that every day of not giving in to an addiction, like drinking, should be celebrated. So why not celebrate every day with an event! Just a little extra push to get you through the day and pull you away from addiction.

And the events Koopersmith invented are absolutely magical. There’s Lost Penny Day, on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, where the goal is to find all your loose pennies and enter them back into circulation; National Smith Day, to celebrate something completely ordinary. It goes on.

Unfortunately, Koopersmith decided to pull her holi-dates out of circulation when she realized businesses were using them for commercial purposes. Inspired by her enchanting ideology, I want to celebrate every day in the way she intended. To do this, I’ll be using the online calendar Days of The Year and recording my adventures on this blog!

I would love it if you would join me in celebrating every day!