Happy Deskfast Day!

Did you eat your deskfast today? Probably not, seeing as it’s Sunday, but that won’t stop us from celebrating Deskfast Day! A deskfast is breakfast eaten at your desk as you work. It was founded in 2016 by A Better Breakfast to encourage people to not skip this very important meal.

The hallmark of a great deskfast is that you can eat it while you work. Smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches are all great options. Single-handed foods are ideal. But the most important thing is that you remember to eat some sort of breakfast , whether you’re one of the brave souls working at an essential establishment or working from home.

If you still go to work, you could take today to meal prep your breakfasts for the next week. An easy breakfast I love is oatmeal made with quick oats. If you pre-portion out the ingredients in thermoses or jars, you can easily heat some water in the morning and you have a healthy breakfast! You could also try overnight oats, but I personally dislike cold oatmeal. Smoothies are also easy to prep ahead of time.

But I’m not going to do any of that today. I watched a video the other day about 3-ingredient recipes, and one of the recipes has been stuck in my mind. It’s an egg omelette where the eggs are whisked to a souffle-like result. It looks so fluffy and fun, take a look!

Soooo fluffy

I’m going to build a deskfast around this souffle omelette. I think some avocado on toast will go well with this, and I’ll also make some veggies on the side. I like having calorie-heavy breakfasts when I can, as it makes me less hungry over the course of the day. So, as usual, I gather my ingredients.

All we need!

I start with the vegetables, quickly slicing up the spinach and mushrooms. I throw them into a pan on medium heat and start on the eggs. Instead of using the four full eggs, I separate three of them, and mix their egg whites in with the fourth full egg. I put the three yolks aside for my boyfriend’s souffle omelette. I’ll be making him one when I’m done with mine.

While the vegetables are cooking, I toast the bread and slice the avocado. When the veggies are done, I put them on the plate with the avocado and toast.

Halfway done!

Now I can move on to the omelette. I whisk the egg mix for what seems like forever, until it’s fluffy. It isn’t as thick as I would like, but it’s taking way too long. I pour it into the pan, and a few minutes pass. Then I realize I’m supposed to have it on low heat and cover it, so I do that.

The whisked egg mix before cooking

Ten minutes later, I gingerly poke at the edges with a spatula. Very, very slowly, I slide the spatula under the egg floof pancake and nudge it onto a plate. Just doing that is so satisfying. It’s so light and airy, folding it in half is magical.

The final product tastes just like a regular omelette, but the texture is really interesting. It’s foamy, and the bottom is a thin layer of tougher egg. I personally don’t think the effort of whisking is worth it, but it was a fun one off activity. It definitely isn’t an easy, quick deskfast.

So many colours!

Happy Deskfast Day!

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