Happy International Safety Pin Day!

Safety pins are so simple and practical. But before 1849, they didn’t exist. According to popular belief, Walter Hunt invented the safety pin because he owed his friend money, and turned to inventing as a way to earn some extra cash. And thus came into being the absolute safest method of pinning.

To celebrate today, it’s suggested to make some sort of invention. Now I’m no MacGyver, but I’m sure I can find something to improve.

Looking around, something immediately catches my attention. For the past few days, I’ve been hand-sewing fabric face masks for my boyfriend and I. The sewing material and masks are laying haphazardly all over the coffee table. The table is slatted, so I always have to be careful of dropping thread, pins and needles between the slats. I dropped a needle the other day and it took me twenty minutes to find on the wood flooring. I’m sure I can invent up some sort of sewing organizer thing.

First, I gather all the sewing material I use, to see what I need to include in the organizer.

Two spools of thread, fabric, elastic, a thimble, a pincushion, the working fabric, and scissors.
Doesn’t look like much…

Okay, so I need:

  1. A compartment to house the spools of thread
  2. A compartment to contain the pincushion
  3. Somewhere to put the thimble
  4. Somewhere to put the scissors
  5. A compartment for the fabric and elastic

That doesn’t sound too hard! I’m pretty sure I can make something janky with just cardboard and duct tape. Both of which I have in excess. So I start out by planning where each item will go.

So blurry in the low light

Then, I cut out the base and make the main structure. I add partitions and stuff too. At this point, I change the plan up a bit and put the spool compartments in the front. The duct tape is a bit hard for me to tear with my clammy, clammy hands, but we’re pulling through all right.

Finally, I add in some reinforcement and small details. I poke tiny holes into the front of the spool compartments for the thread. I also have the great idea of adding a small magnet for the working needle. If I had stronger magnets, I would add some on the bottom for the box to stick to the metal table. Just a bit more clammy duct tape on some edges, and voilĂ ! All done!

I’m actually happy with how it turned out! It isn’t pretty, but it’s super functional and really makes the tedious work of hand sewing a bit easier. Here are some close up pictures of details.

There you have it! A simple sewing helper made completely out of cardboard, duct tape, and enterprising ingenuity. Now I’m going to put my new invention to work.

Happy International Safety Pin Day!

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